Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feelings and emoticon

Bila terlalu bercakap tentang perasaan, kau akan bosan. Kau akan malas. Begitulah aku. Terlalu bermain dengan perasaan. Hingga aku rasa sesak, lelah. Lalu aku mengundur diri. Tak mahu lagi bercakap tentang perasaan dan biar lah aku begini.

One of the reasons that I love being friend with guys, because they rarely talk about feeling. Most of the time fooling around. Talking nonseses. But mostly its not about feeling. I kind of like it. Althought, I am someone who talks about feeling but once in a while, I need some get away. I dont wanna talk and laughing bout feelings anymore. I wanna talk and fooling around. I wanna goofing around and go bananas. But...

The world is too serius.

I'm not serius enough to face the world. I'm not gonna change to be serius. I hate it. Daikirai.

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