Friday, November 30, 2012

I Won't Give Up.

that's the phrases always a broken person said.
I want to said it too.


are the hopes are still there for me?
even a tiny bit.

is there?

I want to said it with confidence.
I won't give up.

Every time, I try to stand,
You were there.
you kick me.
you push me.
you slap me.

When I fall,
You scold me.
You kept telling me;
I'm good for nothing.
I'm weak.

When I tell you,
I got no hopes on you,
you angry.
you told me,
I'm playing with your life.
I'm a bitch.

for once in my life,
don't do that anymore,
I want to said it with confidence,
I won't give up.

I want to tell everyone,
I have hope in life.
I have hope in you.

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