Tuesday, December 11, 2012

dark, darker.

well, I guess this is it? please end it.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of pretending that everything is fine.
I'm tired putting smiles everyday in my life.
I'm tired that I had to act like nothing happens.
I'm tired.
really really tired.

I just wanna a life without worries just a day.
Just a day.
Life without thinking all of these.
Life without thinking that I'm gonna leaved by them.
A life where I had everyone.
Everyone that love me for what I am.

is it true, if you had a dark childhood
Yours future will be darker too?

to F,
please, stop judging my lifestyle.
please, stop talking about those thing.
just please, stop.
I got a lot of other things to worry about.
you told me, that I'm your friend.
Friend don't make each other hard.
Friend makes each other felt easy.
sincerely, I don't like you the way you think.
I like you but as a friend.
It's the same as I like H, A.
please stop it.
I can't handle too much things.
The problems that I had, is enough.

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