Wednesday, April 7, 2010

to gmah cayunk.

sorry coz take a long time to answer it.

1. why do u want to be an engineer?
-Malaysia aimed to be industrial country by the year of 2020, so, in order to achieved that goal,a lot of energy in various profession are needed. such as, engineer, doctors, economics, accountants and others. so, i choose this profession because for me engineering is the root of development in all country, without the skill of engineer, we wouldnt be able to achieve the condition that we had right now.

-because i already failed myself in bio, so, the best profession left for me is engineer. hahahaha

-i like to make others life ease datz why i choose this profession

2. whch country u want 2 go?
if, i were given a chance to go abroad, i would like to go to Japan especially UNIVERSITY OF KYOTO. hehehe. datz where Yakult has been invented.

-japan was the best engineering university ever. datz why i want to go there. to learn from the best lecturer, read the best book to gain knwledge.

-i wanted to adopt JAPAN lifestyle in mine which are, love to read books, very polite person,
never waste their time with useless thing. then i will teach others about this culture.

3. what qualities do u hve to be an engneer?

-i hve the ability to control any situation whether it is in bad or crucial situation
-i can communicate others well
-i love to learn and i will never stops learning
-i didnt influence by others outer influencement

4. do think u ca compete with the guys?

-because girls nowadays are more strongr and they dunt want to be left behind by guys. girls are also powerfuland i know, i had the determination to compete with guys.

hazimah, i hope, this answer would be okay. coz, i dunt even think when i wrote it. it juz flow through my mind as i were looking on the screen. im sorry if i had made mistakes.


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