Monday, March 29, 2010


knape smpai skrg aku x prnh guna prkataan 'aq' slm mesej aku even evrybodi use it? u want to know why, aq was my first love. no ones know. gmah, im soorry for not tellin u but, all of it happend to fast. i juz cant remember it how. last nite, on my cbox, sumbody said pliz dun use name aqiqi. hehehe. im soo soorry for using ur name. but, in this world, there other person was named like that and he was my first love. i thnk its the time i revealed the story.


MAC 2009

"mie, mie blh tak, dtg rumah auntie skrg nie?"
"huh, nape auntie?"
"aqiqi skit, dia nk jumpa mimi"
"aq skit?? skit ape auntie?"
"em....demam cmtu lah. but he really wanted to see u now"
"auntie, jadual mie memg pack skrg, cmnie nie?"
"klu g2, tkpelah. itz ok, but do visit him ok?"
"ok! ill visit him soon"

i really regret diz conversation. y did i dunt want to go his house? i dunno why. but, dat was the last call i got from his mother, then, she never called me, untill

APRIL 2009.

"salam, mie, ni aq nie!"
"salam, aq, y didnt u call me? i miss u so much"
"heehehehe. dunt missed me. going to uk tomorrw."
"WAT?? Y??"
"i nedd to treat my diseases. i need to be perfect for u. in the mean time, pliz take care of urself and study hard."
"wait2, u going to leave me? what r u havin right now? oh..plizzz, tell me, coz, i always accept the way u are."
"heehehehe..i know, itz just me, i cant let u accept the way i am"

after about 1 hours of querrelling, then i let him go to uk to get some treatment.

end of the month i received a news.



until now, still i cant forget him. i dunt have any single pic of him. we known for only juz a few months. NOVEMBER 2008-APRIL 2009. but, that was the best months for me. aq, thnx. i know, u always wanted to tell every1 that u love me, rite, now im telling our story to others so, dat others can understand why im mrs aqiqi. datz why.


aqiqi ismail, rite? im sorry for using ur name but aq iz my sweetest memories n i want to make it alive. forever n ever.


semoga AHMAD AQIQI BIN FARIS brada di kalangan org2 yg beriman.


AHMAD AQIQI had died over brain cancer and he was burried in uk on 25.4.2009.

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