Saturday, March 27, 2010

long-distance relationship?

now i know long distance relationsgip wont work.
huh. wat about me n dat sabahan boy?
after i see his fwens broke up wit his gf,
it mades me think, wat if i m dat girl and
mr cute is that boy, hmmmm......
he's at sabah n i'm at kelantan. datz CRAZY!

before i gained so much feelin for him, let me clear diz
we wont work and i dunno but i can felt his fwen sadness or wat?
huh. luckilly i realize it earlier. yes i can like him. just like ok?

but. why they broke up? it wonders me. is it really bcoz of long-distance relationship. i mean itz like sabah n perak. but, in my opinion, ld will work if they love each other, have faith in their heart. but, datz my opinion. wat i can see, everybody iz crashing down after they got diz ld relationship. huh. itz hurt me to see everyone crashing down. i hate to see man hurtin over a girl. i hate to see girl hurtin bcoz of boys. watz wrong with diz world?

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