Friday, March 26, 2010

td, aku pergi sma smart grup sma tiara. hepi bha. hehehe.
tdalah, aku dpt stu pngajaran dlm hdp aku yg bru tg td.

life can change anytime

situasi prtama

tiara ad citer:
dlu, dia ad fwen, nme sonia. tiara ckp, dludia ad geng. emm 9 org kowt. n mse awl form 5, sonia tetiba skt. cam pnyakit skizo kowt. hah. mcm tetiba jer dia skt. so, mcm kjutan lh. tiara pown ckp, sjk dri tu dia brubah. alhamdullilah. syukur kpd allah. n sonia pown dh shat skrg cuma xsmbg blaja lah.

cuba korg pk, kalau tiara xbrubh..aku xdpt kwn cam tiara.herm.

situasi kedua

syafiq : mie, tau dah ker aj duk kt wad?
mimi : WAT???
syafiq : em, dh nazak dah.
mimi : plizz, ape nie?

thatz the climax of the story. actually, honestly, i hate chemistry before. and i never get a for chemistry. until two months before we gong to sit for our trial, my beloved teacher askin us to do a progamme called mentor-mntee. it scares me. luckilly my mentor was mus my fwen. aj. with her, i learn a lotthings about chemistry and she became my idol for chemistry coz she never get b. it's vice versa. and, i study hard untill i got 90 in trial but the trial was extremelly damn easy.but, i think it is bcoz of her too.

sunday, i got the result. monday, she's gone.

then, itz killin me for one month for not thanking her. i cant live with untill, my fwen told me plizz dunt leave me. he cried. now i knw, i need to be strong for chemistry. i need to live up her spirit.

i need to be perfect in chemistry. aj, thnx for everytim. u r my fwen forever n ever. thnx.


huh. see?? mai blh mnjemput kita bila2 aja. im not in the mood of happy rite now n i'm started to think of her again. but i wont be like before.


esk ad class pre-cal. dunno why but i started to fallin for pre-cal nowadays. i'm get addicted to pre-cal. hahaha.


  1. trima kasih mimi :)
    nway,betul ar..
    klu la dat things didnt happen,,,
    ~ak x brubah (bnda aku paling syukur sngt)
    ~x blaja betul2
    ~x dpt masuk utp
    ~x dpt kenal ko
    ~n masih jahil cam dulu.huhu. :(

  2. aku pown. kire turning point buat kita lah. aku pown dh stat suka chemist dah.hehe