Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 weeks to go.
in a blink of an eye, i'm going to end this semester.
what ta?
i never think that i can survive as a asasian student
here. in UITM
life was so exciting and extremely sad here.
no words that exist in dictionary can describe that feelin.
i got some friends that truly helped me.
to go through life.

u're gy=uys are the greast parent in the world. thanks for believing in my potential.
thanks for being there to listen my problems. my insanity. i know that i had a little conflict but u helped me to go through it. thanks so much. with u being by my side, i ready to look forward.
murni+lee chan+munirah
thanks for accept me for who i am. no one can accept me so fast like u guys did. even my bestfriend and i need a lots of time to understand each other

a trillion thanks to u. coz u meant so much to me. u helped me while i was down. even we are far away from each other but u still can accept me as ur friend. thank u so much.

bro`s. u guys are great. that all i can say. thanks for taking care ur little sister to achieve wat she want.

last but not least....

babe, thanks for making me work hard and realise that everything in this world cannot be achieve without work hard. thank u so much for bring back my passion to study. thank u so much.

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